July 14, 2010

mini adventure time

The husband and I just celebrated our 2yr anniversary on July the 12th :) Yay us. Unfortunately we were unable to see eachother the day of (just another perk of working 14hr days with a 1hr commute both ways) so we decided to make up for it by leaving on what we have dubbed the "Road trip of Loooooove."

And what will this roadtrip involve? Well, a fair amount of exercise. We're heading across the province for 2 days to go hiking, swimming, geocaching and camping. There will probably be some romantic wine and dining going on as well as it is an anniversary mini-vacation. I'm quite excited. Some of the places we hope to check out are the Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct, The Ovens National Park, Rissers beach, and of course the various museums and parks from Liverpool to Lunenburg. We'll be visiting some old college friends along the way too. I'm really quite excited - although I know I will be super exhausted come Friday night when we get home - and then I have to get up at 6:30am to go to work.....Meh, not thinking about that now!

Anyway, it should be really quite fun - and a good entry back into gentle physical activity. It appears that my ribcage injury is going to be with me for some weeks more, so it seems this summer I may be out of the races, pun intended.

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