January 30, 2011

Back to the Races

Well, I'm not literally racing yet... but after about 3 months off I'm finally back into running. My Dad lent us an elliptical machine which has been extremely useful now that the ground is quite snow covered and the trail I usually run in is impassible to all but snow mobiles. I've also been doing some free runs on wii fit - which isn't the most accurate (or effective) way to run, but hey, at least it gets my blood pumping a bit.

My husband and I also just re-registered for the Run Nova Scotia series and he's currently training for a 10K in April. He wants me to run with him, but I'm not confident I'll be ready for that length of run by then. I just don't have a consistent enough work schedule to train effectively. I try to get as much exercise in on the weekend as I can but when I work from 9am-11pm all week with a 1hr commute, there is just no way I can get up early in the morning to workout and still function all day.

Looking forward to trying for it though.

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