March 31, 2010

Fatter and out of shape

This morning I finally overcame that part of my brain which insists laziness is my best friend. I went for my first run of the season (2.8KM according to Map My Run) and it nearly killed me. But it felt good to be out and about getting my blood flowing. Although I must say the overwhelming nausea I experienced on the side of the road wasn`t too pleasant. But now that I consistently have 3 days off a week, I have no excuse but to run often and get my butt in gear.

Now, regarding Curves....I won`t be getting a membership. The facility is very nice, the staff is friendly, the hours are good, the cost is reasonably. But I didn`t realize that Curves is not a normal gym. You actually have to follow their 30min circuit training plan. Don't get me wrong, it is well planned out and I`m sure it`s very efficient at burning fat in the shortest time possible- which I well imagine is the goal for most women with normal jobs. But alas, that is not my intention.

I wanted to join a gym where I could just hop on a treadmill, or elliptical, or stepper, and just go. I don`t want to follow a regimented workout listening to gym music and waiting for a voice recording to say "Change station." I don't want to lift weights and then hop up and down on a converted trampoline as part of my cardio circuit. I want to be left alone in my own little world, listening to my mp3 player and just productively passing the 3hrs between my shifts.

I have therefore resigned myself to the fact that until I have more tenure at work, I will be passing my afternoons sitting in my car, in a parking lot, with a book. On the brightside, I'm catching up on a lot of reading I've wanted to do in the last few years.

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