March 22, 2010

Well, I'm getting fatter

Long time no post. Which, as I'm sure you have already predicted, means that I have not been exercising. The return to the 30DS lasted about 2 weeks. And I was faithful to that plan for those whole 2 weeks.

And then I got thoroughly drowned in my new job. Not a step up in the world by any means, but it is higher paying and more hours. It is also primarily backshift. For the last 2 months I have been working 4-1am, and have a 45min commute. My days have been consumed with exhausted sleeping, and my nights spent in training, wishing I was home with the husband I only see a couple days a week.

Lucky him, he works weekdays, and unfortunate me, I work nights and weekends. It's become rather lonely in our big empty house with no one but our cats for company - not that they really come indoors that much now that spring has swooped in with its many flocks of birds in tow.

As can well be expected, the loneliness and exhaustion (I've always been that strange girl who likes to go to bed at 9pm) have manifested themselves as stubborn laziness. Why would I work out if I could instead be sitting on the couch eating chocolate and watching Stargate Universe?

As can also be expected, this change in lifestyle has resulted in tighter pants, uncomfortable panties (tmi, I know) and acne. Par conséquent, my self esteem isn't where it was at the peak of my fitness pursuits. Leading to a spiral of self pity induced snacking and sci-fi movie watching. A vicious cycle indeed.

However, I do have one chance to escape this ever tightening noose about my neck. My savior? Split shifts. Now that I am out of training I have 2 options for getting in a 40hr work week; work five 8-hour days each week, or work four 10-hour days (a combination of two 5-hour shifts separated by a 3-4 hour break.) Considering the money I've been wasting on gas commuting 100km every workday, the money conscious decision is to work four days a week. Which is exactly what I'm doing.

So now, every workday, I am stranded in a town 50km from home, with seemingly nothing to do but sit in my car in a parking lot listening to an audio book and dozing off. Or, I could join the local Curves and spend my time between splits in a productive fashion. The only drawback is that $40/mo gym membership that I'm not entirely certain I can afford.

So that is where I sit at the moment. I haven't been into the gym for information yet - it took me 2 days of wandering through town to find the place, and when I finally did locate it, it was of course closed. For now I have 2 days off work, so I'll be leaving the final decision for Wednesday when I make my final Curves pilgrimage.

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